… was her name.

I don’t often get time during the day to write when my mind is still fresh, but it seems the stars have aligned and granted me a small opportunity to relay my thoughts.

I met her at a party I’ll describe soon.

She had a shirt that had an LGBT heart in the word “love”. She’s was also bi or BA or a bitch, but definitely beautiful; one or more of those b-words. I’m sure a very apt depiction could be delivered from that specific description.

She hung on my words like I’ve only ever seen from myself to other people.

There was free beers in the VIP lounge and I gave her one from the stash.

“What? Are you leaving?”
“Church tomorrow. Dont wanna be sleepy.”

It’s been roughly three months since I’ve last been in love. I think I’m growing as a person. Other people come into my life and leave and I only wish I leave a happy memory in their thoughts.

-Charlton, 8 April 2019


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  1. Please heed my advice, which is administered out of concern and not malice:

  2. Stay the hell away from anyone equipped with LGBBQ paraphernalia. I’m not a homophobe, but this advice has withstood scrutiny and remains axiomatic to this day.

    PS: Sorry for double-posting. Twas an accident.

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